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Ladies High Tea

Ladies High Tea
The Volendam-Marken  Express offers a Ladies' Afternoon Tea in the VIP Suite
Enjoy being spoiled at a hen party or baby shower - sailing on the Gouwzee lake.

The Volendam-Marken  Express offers a truly unique Ladies' Afternoon tea. Set sail on the Gouwzee with your sisters or girlfriends, while enjoying the most exquisite sweet and savoury dishes which are all beautifully laid out in front of you on an étagère. The water is gently lapping around you, just the sound of the waves and water birds, all under a bright blue sky. It is the perfect place to enjoy being spoiled while you chat and unpack presents. The Ladies' Afternoon Tea is ideal for a birthday celebration, baby shower or hen party, and is served in the special VIP area of the ship.

During the boat trip you can enjoy a delicious piece of "Grandma's apple tart" along with a cup of coffee. If you order your Boarding Sailor in advance you will receive 75 cents reduction.

This offer includes:

Ladies High Tea
De Ladies High Tea includes

unlimited coffee or tea
- a smoothy 
- croissant with a cup of jam and butter 
- sandwich with smoked salmon
- sandwich with vegetables, ham and cheese
- scones with cream and jam 
- fruit salad 
- cake pastries with raspberry
- mango and chocolate puffs
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Price: €18,50

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